The Midwife’s Bookshelf: Blessings

Ok, hands up – I hate baby showers.  Yes it’s all very nice receiving gifts for the baby, but it feels like the nurture for the mother gets lost somehow.  My friend Keeley is a celebrant and we work together to bring my clients who choose one a ‘blessing way’.  This beautiful ceremony puts the mother in the centre of the circle of women who come to share their love and support for the ‘right of passage’ that is to unfold.  This beautiful little book by Janie Rose (a gift from Keeley) celebrates the journey from pregnancy to mother-hood with wonderful verse and illustration.  I love it.

Related reading: if you wish to learn more about creating blessingways, this wonderful book from The Mother Magazine will help you.

Article of the Week: Meg Taylor, Midwifery Matters (ARM) Autumn 2013

There are occasionally midwives who inspire you to think about midwifery on a very deep level; Meg Taylor was one of those.  This dedication to Meg (who died earlier this year) from her friend and Independent Midwife Elke is moving and beautiful; and alongside it are some of the wise words the Meg shared on the UK midwifery list.  You can also read her writings here.

If you do not subscribe to ARM and the journal Midwifery Matters then perhaps it’s now time you did; always interesting, always sharing and always inspiring.

From my personal library : The midwife’s labour and birth handbook, Chapman

Being a midwife is a blessing; but there is a lot to learn (and keep learning) in our journey to support women.  This book is a welcome text alongside the likes of the larger ‘recommended texts’ in midwifery training.  It has a softer, warmer approach to clinical care and provides ideas and thoughts on midwifery knowledge.  As a practising midwife, whenever I am reflecting on an episode of care, or reading around a topic I am thinking about, I use this title to extend my thinking.