Taking care of yourself in the early days with a new baby

As I sit here writing this blog, I am surrounded by paraphernalia in preparation for ‘The Baby Show’ where we are exhibiting over the next few days. One of the reasons we chose to do this (aside from marketing our brilliant postnatal packages), is that we wanted to reach more expectant parents to try and help them understand and plan for the huge transition that will occur once the baby has arrived, and to encourage them to really think about what to expect in the early days! Having a new baby is just about one of the hardest thing you will ever do; caring for a baby 24/7, recovering from childbirth and dealing with lack of sleep often adds up to an intense and sometimes overwhelming period of time.  At The Baby Show, we have been invited to speak each day about taking care of yourself in the early days, and these are our top 5 tips that we will be sharing:

Delegate household chores BEFORE you have the baby. Arrange a cleaner, organise on-line food groceries, book a dog-walker. Think about what you can get someone else to do so you don’t have to.

Sit comfortably: cesarean or perineal stitches can be sore and tender after the birth of a baby. Trying using incontinence knickers in the first few days. Much more comfy than thick maternity pads and sit high over the cesarean scar.

Sleep, rest, sleep and rest a little more. You’ll be told this a lot.  But it makes a huge difference to long term recovery if you make sure you rest.  You can save being ‘super mum’ for a later date.

Take your time: recovering from childbirth and understanding your new baby doesn’t need to be rushed.  It takes around 4-6 weeks to physically recover and learn the skill of breastfeeding.

Eat well: feeding a baby makes you supre hungry (you’ll need an extra 500 calories a day).  Fill your fresser with pre-made food and have plenty of nutritious snacks on hand, such as dates, apples, cheese, vegetable crisps and hummus. Try making these ‘goodness flapjacks’ – you’ll love them!


If you’re heading to the baby show, come and visit us at stand D5.  We look forward to seeing you!