Sharing the Skills: The Pinard

I have two expectations when a student comes to spend some time with me: 1. That they have read Ina May 2. That they are prepared to learn how to use a Pinard (if they are not already practised) When we think of all the technological advancements that have been made in pregnancy and childbirth, […]

Reflections: Postnatal care

So first things first, I am not Angela! I am Angela’s practice partner, Tami, and I joined North Surrey Midwives last year as an independent midwife. It’s been a year now since I spent a week living and working with Angela and getting to know what being an independent midwife (IM) was all about, and […]

Sharing the Skills: Supporting birth without the use of vaginal examinations

I have struggled to write this particular post for the past week or so; do I reference, don’t I reference. Am I trying to be the ‘expert’?  Is this formal, informal.  Argh – round and round I go!  Until a colleague reminded me this is a BLOG post, meaning it’s an informal piece of my opinion […]